ISPA Conference 2019

Interaction Groups have a long history at ISPA conferences. Already in 1977, at the 2nd International School Psychology Colloquium in Denmark, ‘Small Interaction Groups for all Participants’ were an integral part of the conference program, and they have continued to be an appreciated feature of ISPA conferences ever since.

The aim of Interaction Group meetings is to connect old and new ISPA members and participants of the conference by sharing ideas about school psychology. Interaction Group meetings are a good opportunity to get in contact with colleagues from all over the world in an informal way. Over the years, the outcome of these meetings has been manifold: They have been a starting point for international cooperation on research topics, for exchanges on psychological practice in schools, and even for life-long friendships.

An Interaction Group consists of about 20 participants and is hosted by a facilitator. He or she is an ISPA-member who has been attending several ISPA-conferences and knows the association well. At recent ISPA conferences, there were usually two meetings, and several groups met at the same time.

In Basel, Marjolein Meinen and Odeth Bloemberg will again be in charge of organising the Interaction Groups. Everyone is invited to participate! When registering for this ISPA conference, registrants will be asked whether they intend to join an Interaction Group on July 10 and July 11 from 12:40 to 13:20 at the conference venue. This will be after lunch: Lunch boxes will be distributed at 12:00, and the Scientific Program will start again at 13:30.

Please have a look at the groups & room numbers below and/or download the pdf-document.

Name facilitator: Sally Baas   
Group 1 Room 103
Name Country
Brown (Jeffrey) United States
Cabrera (Jeanette) United States
Cann (Nicola) Singapore
Chang (Mei) Taiwan
Donar (Diane) United States
Evans (Emily) China
Furrer (Jessica) United States
Goguen (Suzette) Canada
Griffiths (Coosje) Australia
Grogan (Margaret) Ireland
Heaton Hall (Rebecca) United States
Huber (Brenda) United States
Iosif (Despoina) Cyprus
Johnson (Sheila) United States
Mohamed Emam (Mahmoud) Oman
Panjalan (Ramalingam) India
Pham (Sofia) United States
Popoff (Leslie) United States
Sarah United States
Schoenfeld (Julie) United States
Spencer (Tali) United States
Stavrou (Styliani) Cyprus
Theodoris (Antonia) Greece
Tintswalo Silinda (Fortunate) South Africa
Wright (Frederick) Australia
Name facilitator: Terence Bowles   
Group 2 Room 104
Name Country
Amici (Sylvie) France
Araki Japan
Begeny (John) United States
Bender (Sharon) United States
Celinska (Dorota) United States
Descamps (Melaine) France
Golshirazi (Maedeh) United States
Harper (Erin) United States
Hung (Li-Yu) Taiwan
Iida (Junko) Japan
Kuester (Betty) United States
La Salle (Tamika) United States
Li (Chieh) United States
Lokhandwala (Tasneem) United States
Maital (Shlomo) Israel
McKenzie (Vicki) Australia
Mohammed (Hasimuddin) India
Mohammed (Junaith Uddin) India
Morrison (Christopher) United States
Robinson-Zañartu (Carol) United States
Ruof (Susy) United States
Theofanous (Artemis) Cyprus
Tucker (Ariel) United States
Umana (Ileana) United States
Name facilitator: Olympia Palikara 
Group 3 Room 105
Name Country
Akbar (Sarwat) United Kingdom
Armstrong (Charlotte) United States
Blasco (Caroline) United States
Brown (Shoko) United States
Corcoran (Stephanie) United States
Dunsmuir (Sandra) United Kingdom
Feger (Jim) United States
Geres-Smith (Rhonda) Canada
Hyde (Chelsea) Australia
Ito (Ayako) Japan
Kerner (Aubrie) United States
Madigan (Juliette) United States
Maital (Sharone) Israel
Mason (Benjamin) United States
Morris (Zoe) Australia
Nichols (Samantha) United States
Reed (Rachel) United States
Rosner (Ashley) United States
Sivagurunathan (Amuthini) Sri Lanka
Sundstrom (Lauren) United States
Truscott (Stephen) Georgia
Watanabe (Naomi) Japan
Bärwolff (Almut)  Germany
(Dapino) Carlotta United Kingdom 
Name facilitator: Helen Sung   
Group 4 Room 106
Name Country
Baas (James) United States
batugal Francisco (Marilou) Philippines
Bechet (Audrey) France
Bivins (Joanna) United States
Cefai (Carmel) Malta
Chittooran (Mary (Rina)) United States
Easley (Monique) United States
Fletcher-Janzen (Elaine) United States
Habazaki (Makiko) Japan
Hart (Brady) United States
Holland (Shemiyah) United States
Ishikawa (Michiko) Japan
Kasuya (Takashi) Japan
Kucer (Priscilla) United States
Lazarus (Philip) United States
Madigan (Juliette) United States
Maital (Shlomo) Israel
Matoto (Rachel) United States
Piper (Dennis) United Kingdom
Sun (Huilin (Linda)) United States
Truscott (Diane) Georgia
Young (Ellie) United States
Name facilitator: Véronique Le Mézec 
Group 5 Room 107
Name Country
Anastasiou (Andri) Cyprus
Belin (Comel) United States
Bernabo Nishiyama (Hisako) Japan
Bhatty Avdic (Nikita) Canada
Bivans (Maurita) United States
Carrico (Adele) United States
Chen (Cliff (Yung-Chi)) United States
Georgouleas (Georgios) Greece
Gutierrez (Raquel) United States
Hass (Michael) United States
Hsu (Yu-Kuang Kevin) Taiwan
Hunter (Morgan) United States
Kelly-Vance (Lisa) United States
Kumagai (Keiko) Japan
Liao (Pei-Chun) United States
Lizardi (Patricia) United States
Murton (Gail) Australia
Nishio (Yumiko) Japan
Park (Hee Kyung) United States
Rosenfield (Sylvia) United States
Saybe (Megan) United States
Scott (Darla) United States
Sievering (Kathy) United States
Tougas (Anne-Marie) Canada
Name facilitator: Priscilla Kucer Jones 
Group 6 Room 206
Name Country
Bartolo (Paul) Malta
Caldas (Roseli) Brazil
Dimakos (Ioannis) Greece
Feifer (Steven) United States
Graham-Clay (Susan) Canada
Hart (Stuart) United States
Kaufman (Judith) United States
Marino (Ruth) United States
Massey (Oliver) United States
Michalopoulou (Lito Eleni) United States
Morita (Hiroko) Japan
Morrison (David) United States
O'Leary (Nicky) Ireland
Shahi (Prakash) Korea, Republic of
Strak (Jesse) United States
Su (Peiling) United States
Tanaka (Marie) United States
Wimmer (Mary) United States
Zhang (Chloe) United States
Name facilitator: Tracy Hobbs   
Group 7 Room 208
Name Country
Allen (Justin) United States
Carrasco (Kelly) Japan
Corcoran (Stephanie) United States
Gilmant (Nathalie) France
Guillemard (Jean-Claude) France
Kile (Sherilyn) United States
McGirl (Pip) United States
Muscutt (Janet) United Kingdom
Ottone-Cross (Karen) United States
Parra (Elena) United States
Purvis (Lee) United States
Roth (Ashley) United States
Savina (Elena) United States
Swami (Sruthi) United States
Talley (Ronda) United States
Todorovska (Petya) United States
Name facilitator: Julia Coyne  
Group 8 Room 209
Name Country
Ablang (Chad) United States
Baerwolff (Almut) Germany
Banor Mensah (Kwabena) Ghana
Di Sano (Sergio) Italy
Doria (Michael) United States
Farrell (Peter) United Kingdom
Filippatou (Diamanto) Greece
Leverett (Patrice) United States
Luisa Sohn McCormick (Anita) Mexico
Marshall (Virginia) United States
Niederer (Zlatka) Switzerland
Papadopoulos (Dimitris) Greece
Phillips (Mary) Ireland
Schmidt (Jan-Erik) Germany
Señores Toyota (Ronica) United States
Wollersheim Shervey (Sarah) United States
Name facilitator: Peg Dawson   
Group 9 Room 212
Name Country
Al-Baba (Liane) United Kingdom
Alexiadou (Maria-Eleni) Cyprus
Asanbe (Comfort) United States
Chatzoudi (Dialechti) Cyprus
Chua (Beatrice) United Kingdom
Dang (Hoang-Minh) Viet Nam
de Haas (Ilonka) Netherlands
Demkaninová (Diana) Slovakia
Fischer (Sara) Switzerland
Grigoleit (Melanie) Switzerland
Holzmann (Ines) Switzerland
Horowitz (Dina) Switzerland
Käser (Roland) Switzerland
Kato (Hiromichi) Japan
Loutsiou (Anthi) Cyprus
Pajor (Gabriella) Hungary
Rao (Aditi) United Kingdom
Robbins (Cristina) Switzerland
Rom (Tanja) Switzerland
Schaffner (Elisabeth) Switzerland
Schaper (Karsten) Germany
Sinnaiah Sivagurunathan (Amuthini) Sri Lanka
Soundaramourty (Saravanan) India
Swan (Ethna) Ireland
Tsuzuki (Manabu) Japan
Zanetti (Cinzia) Switzerland
Name facilitator: Patrick Carney   
Group 10 Room 111
Name Country
Bovens (Beatrijs) Netherlands
Burkvist (Erika) Sweden
Dellholm (Annika) Sweden
Eckert (Basil) Switzerland
Etienne Klemm (Ruth) Switzerland
Frischknecht (Marie-Claire) Switzerland
Glatzer (Dieter) Germany
Graf (Werner) Switzerland
Hylander (Ingrid) Sweden
Joos (Benedikt) Germany
Karacic (Damila) Germany
Leitner (Werner) Germany
Maiguashca (Inés) Germany
Marksaityte (Rasa) Lithuania
Martinsone (Baiba) Latvia
Nazmul Haq (Muhammad) Bangladesh
Niv (Shulamit) Israel
Okada (Satoshi) Japan
Reisener (Carmen) Germany
Schächinger Tenés (Leila) Switzerland
Schmitt (Rita) United States
Schwartz (Tammy) United States
Sierszenska-Leraczyk (Malgorzata) Poland
Stucki (Brigitte) Switzerland
Svedjehed (Lena) Sweden
Trolldenier (Hans-Peter) Germany
Name facilitator: Michael Sheehan 
Group 11 Room 112
Name Country
Blanc (Ina) Switzerland
Burton (Tasha) Switzerland
Chen (Jiayi) Japan
Doyka (Christine) United States
Groves (Sandra) Australia
Issmer (Christian) Germany
Kahl (Tobias) Switzerland
Lancksweerdt (Patrick) Belgium
Muir (Paula) United Kingdom
Nikolopoulou (Vasiliki) Greece
Obrist (Matthias) Switzerland
Özel (Dilara) Turkey
Parveen (Qaisara) Pakistan
Peng (Vincent(Wen Sung)) Taiwan
Pervin (Maleka) Germany
Sato (Natsuki) Japan
Schattka (Svenja) Germany
Singh (Gurmeet) India
Sousa (Vanda) Portugal
Suo (Fangxuan) China
Tusz (Christine) Switzerland
van Halem (Johanna) Netherlands
Voigt (Erika) Germany
Wolkoff (Elana) United States
Yung-jiun (Liou) Taiwan
Name facilitator: Elana Hamovitch 
Group 12 Room 113
Name Country
Arlauskaite (Zydre) Lithuania
Bozzato (Paolo) Italy
Graemiger (Carmen) Switzerland
Hajhoseyny (Mansureh) Iran, Islamic Republic of
Holenstein (Mathias) Switzerland
Ishikuma (Toshinori) Japan
Kaneko (Yasuyuki) Japan
Kepalaite (Albina) Lithuania
m Brás (Patricia) Portugal
Matteucci (Maria Cristina) Italy
Meissner (Bernhard) Germany
Minger (Marijana) Switzerland
Natzel (Shirley) United States
Romão (Ana) Portugal
Rossidou (Fani) Cyprus
Schons (Véronique) Luxembourg
Selvaraj (Renukadevi) India
Shacham (Yehuda) Israel
Soncini (Annalisa) Italy
Van den Bos (Esther) Netherlands
Van Schalkwyk (Gertina) China
White (Hope) United States
Worrell (Frank C.) United States
Zapri (Dimitra) Switzerland